Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Angry with God?

Occasionally, I read some Guide for the Grieving or Hope for the Hopeless type brochure, designed to keep one sane after a major loss, and see inside the advice that it's "OK to be angry at God".

Now my reaction to that is, how can I be angry at God for my father's death? Then I must logically be angry at God for my father's birth, too, just to be fair.

And I could never do that. My father's life was so worth living, and naturally, I wouldn't be here without him.

I'm not sure I've ever been angry at God. What have I to be angry about, when life is so good and existence is so amazing? That the world contains death in it seems to be something that came with the fall, and that had something to do with sin, and that has something to do with me, not God, except in the fact that He gave me Free Will.

I have many other issues to deal with, but being angry at God is not one of them.

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