Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Speaker Dale Ahlquist

Dale Ahlquist is an amazing speaker. He is completely knowledgeable about numerous topics, but the thing he does best is G.K. Chesterton, whom he calls, "The Apostle of Common Sense."

Dale began speaking about Chesterton long ago, and for about twenty years now he has sung Chesterton's praises. His knowledge of Chesterton's writings and the spirit in which his books were written, come through when Dale speaks.

Not only is Ahlquist a great speaker on the subject of Chesterton, but, as someone recently told me, if Ahlquist wasn't the President of The American Chesterton Society, he could easily be a stand-up comedian. His timing and love of fun make him the perfect speaker for any event. He will have the audience laughing and crying. He is able to tell stories well, make great points, and in addition, finish with a call to action. He doesn't just entertain, he seeks to convert hearts, as Chesterton always did as well.

Ahlquist delights his audience with his depth and breadth of Chestertonian knowledge. He makes Chesterton come alive, and after listening to him, you will want to read Chesterton's books, too. In fact, you will be certain that your remaining time on earth could not be spent in a better way than to read first of course, Scripture, and then, Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

Ahlquist is perfect on a college campus, where students are fed a diet of left-winged and right-winged craziness. Chesterton is the perfect antidote to today's atheism, indifference, tolerance and moral relativity. His talk, "God is Dead" is perfect for any campus today.

Any venue is perfect for Chesterton, who wrote on all subjects and cared about everything. And so, by the same virtue, any venue is perfect for Mr. Dale Ahlquist. Invite him to speak to your group today!