Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Friend goes to EWTN

Back in grade school, I had many friends. One of my friends was a girl named Margaret. I remember her well as a kid who was always smiling and laughing.

Margaret and I used to play on the playground, with all the other girls, horsing around as much as you could in a school uniform. We went to St. Philip Neri in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (sadly, now permanently closed), and we were both Schoenstatt girls. In fact, St Philip was a Schoenstatt parish, and we were fortunate to have a beautiful chapel on the property to which we could duck in from time to time. The chapel cool on a hot day, and silent.

One day during recess in fifth grade, Margaret and I were goofing around and we were running together except that Margaret was running forward and I was running backwards. I tripped over something and fell back hard on my head (this may explain a lot about me :-)). I ended up with a trip to the emergency room and a big fat scar on the back of my head, as a constant reminder of that day.

Many years have passed, and imagine my surprise when I found out that popular writer and award winning author Marge Fenelon is that same girl.  I was pleased to see she appeared on Women of Grace, and I think you will really enjoy her interview.