Monday, October 28, 2013

Middle School and High School Online Live Classes--sign up now!

Homeschool Connections has just won FIRST PLACE for their High School on line classes. My children took classes here, and I've taught adult classes here. Joseph Pearce teaches here! Highly Recommended.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Mystery of Harry Potter Returns

It is about time The Mystery of Harry Potter became an ebook, don't you think? I think so too. It has been six years, and although Harry Potter is no longer new, and although J.K. Rowling said more than she should have about Dumbledore, I still enjoy reading Harry Potter when the mood behooves me. Only now I read them on my Kindle, still checked out from my local library. Entering the world of Harry Potter is not unlike entering the world of the Lord of the Rings, or Narnia—or Star Trek or Star Wars for that matter.

Although certainly not as popular as they once were, still, Harry Potter is popular. They just came out with new cover editions, so people are still interested.

And young Catholic families still have to discern whether or not to let their kids read Harry Potter. You still hear rumors that the books are bad. J.K. Rowling is bad. You still hear the books are good, the story is good, reading the story with your children is good. That's me, I say that.

Later today, the Kindle edition should be live. Look for it. Read the books together.