Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is a new book, and it's really important. Floriani is a Chestertonian who is, as Dale Ahlquist says, a Complete Thinker. This book will take you to places you've never been and get your imagination flowing with ideas of how YOU can put the principle of subsidiarity to practical use in your life starting the moment you read it. It opened my eyes to the practical and common sense principle that should rule all our lives and work and government and neighborhoods and legal situations and more.


My Amazon.com review:
Anyone desiring to know and understand the principle of Subsidiarity must read this book. Not only does it explain the theoretical idea, but the author provides real life examples that clearly illustrate Subsidiarity in action in today's world.

It would be a benefit for all students high school to college to read. All college professors should read. Anyone who owns a business should read. Anyone who works should read--especially those in management. Anyone in government should read. All law students and lawyers should read. Anyone who has a family should read.

Subsidiarity is a principle few understand and till now there was little by way of explanation. This book fills that void. Highly Recommended.

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