Sunday, November 6, 2011

Permission to Grieve

No one can grieve for you, and no matter how kind people are, they can't take the grief away. Grieving must just be done, and the time it takes is the time it takes.

Our minds do various things. We think about the last few months and the last few days of our loved one's life. We think about our relationship with that person. We go back over that. We go over their life. We contemplate our own death. It's work, and we need to take time for it. We need to give ourselves permission to take the time to grieve.


  1. Nancy, this is so true! I find even now, several years after both parents' deaths, I will see a woman at the grocery store or a man somewhere else and think how much they look like my mom or dad. It can bring on fresh tears, but they are therapeutic. Such a journey.

  2. I know. I'll see a little old guy and think, well, he looks 85 and he's still alive, why not *my* dad? But then I just have to think back on the 78 glorious years my dad was on earth and be grateful.