Friday, November 26, 2010

Reviews of The Father Brown Reader 2: More Stories from Chesterton

The Father Brown Reader 2: More Stories from Chesterton

"A deft, respectful, gripping adaptation with vast kid appeal." Melissa Wiley, author of The Little House "Martha Years" book.

"I liked Mrs. Brown's latest book because the stories are easy too read, yet still hold true to the original Father Brown stories. They make really good read aloud stories for kids of multiple ages, too." Clare L., age 12.

"...I jumped at the chance to review her sequel, The Father Brown Reader II: More Stories from Chesterton. Published by Hillside Education, Brown has done another phenomenal job of making Chesterton accessible to children, while keeping the rich imagery and language of the original...The retellings are well done, tightly written and interesting to the younger readers—I am starting these as a read-aloud for my children so that we can talk through the events and messages Chesterton develops in each of these stories...A bonus from the first set of stories and repeated in this volume is the artistry of Ted Schluenderfritz..." Mary Gildersleeve, reviewed in mater et magistra: Educating the Heart and Mind in the Catholic Home, Vol. 3, No. 3, Summer 2010.

"Oh, my goodness, is my 4th grader loving the Father Brown Reader!  She's heard her father and me and her big brothers referencing Chesterton for years and now she gets to read the great GK herself!  What a wonderful introduction to good Catholic literature...Thanks!" Lisa in Colorado, referring to the first Father Brown Reader.

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