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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Father Brown Readers

Here is a lovely post from a mom who introduced her children to Father Brown and successfully Chestertonianized them. It's a new word. It really is!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Would you like to help me finish my book?

All I really need now is a beautiful front cover. And I found one. But I need to pay the special collection I found it in at the Lilly Library in Indianapolis, IN $250.

So I started a Kickstarter, and I'm hoping that whoever feels interested in this project will:

a) contribute a little something, because the wider the distribution of donations, the more we're all invested in the Frances Chesterton biography, plus it's easier to give $2 or $5; and

b) help spread the information to your friends and family, so they can help out, too.


Here's the link.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hundreds of Proofs of the Non-Existence of God

The brilliant philosopher at Thomism.org has come up with hundreds of proofs for the non-existence God. They are a brilliant response to another website called Hundreds of Proofs of God's Existence.

Some of my favs:

(1) You cannot prove that there is meaning in life.
(2) Therefore, there is no meaning in life.
(3) That's what life is about.
(4) Therefore, God does not exist.

(1) Atheist: "There is no God."
(2) Theist: "Prove it."
(3) Atheist: "You can't prove a negative."
(4) Theist: "Yes you can: you can prove that square circles don't exist, that this ball I'm about to drop won't float to the ceiling, that the word 'Yidjakqg' isn't in this dictionary."
(5) Atheist: "Nice work at trying to change the subject. I'm talking about God. Not 'square circles' and crap like that."
(6) Therefore, God does not exist.

I personally know someone who uses the following proof:

(1) If you are a Christian, then you're a geek.
(2) Geeks are unpopular at school; no one cares about them.
(3) The popular kids are not Christian.
(4) So you shouldn't be either, if you want to be popular.
(5) Therefore, God does not exist.

(1) If God exists then I would know it.
(2) I do not know it.
(3) And I don't care if other people know it.
(4) Therefore, God does not exist.

Read more here. Be prepared to be showered with Thomistic logic.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Three Kings: A Play for Christmas

Frances Chesterton's best play (in my opinion) so far (there are 2 more I haven't even seen yet!! But I know they exist-) is about a triple Three Kings thing.

First, the tradition they have in Spain where the kids put out hay for the camels, because they believe the three kings will pass by on their way to Bethlehem. They still do this today, and parent's give the children gifts if they've been good and put out the hay.

Second, the story of three princes, all vying for the throne in Spain, where the King has just died, the heir, the Prince has just died, and the Queen now has to appoint the next King. Which of the three will be the next King? You have to read the play to find out.

Then the third story is the story of the actual Three Kings, the one that you well know.

 So, if you're looking for something to read together as a family Christmas Day, or if you have a book club that wants to read something in parts, or if you are part of a Local Chesterton Society and need something special for your Christmas gathering, this is definitely a good possibility. You can download a portion and see what it's like on your Kindle. And check out the beautiful cover my daughter designed for me!

 Click on The Three Kings: A Play for Christmas to take you to amazon. Proceeds helps to support the American Chesterton Society--thank you!

The Three Kings

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Did you know?

If you purchased my book through amazon, you can now get the Kindle edition for only 99cents through their new Matchbook program.